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Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign

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Or they want off the upgrade treadmill. Microsoft's traditional model only worked if customers needed to routinely update to the latest version, and so pay for it - but is that still true? Look how many years it took them to drive customers off of XP, and Windows Seven is still in common usage.

There's a piece of wisdom from the Ancients that says: If you want your users to upgrade from version X of something to version X+1, you should try to ensure that Version X+1 is at least as good as version X, that the upgrade breaks nothing, and that using version X+1 will not require re-learning the user interface.

Clever chaps those Ancients.

If version X+1 is widely perceived to be a cartload of turds the users will stick with version X.

Had Vista not been a resource hog requiring a substantial hardware upgrade to equal the speed of XP it wouldn't have been the dismal failure that it was. Had Windows 8 kept the UI of Windows 7 people wouldn't have seen it as something strange and incomprehensible and to be avoided.

Microsoft have only themselves to blame.

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