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>Interesting, I'm with Voda in New Zealand.....but I'm sure the EU can't take credit for my plan in NZ.

To a large extent, the EU just ensured that what was happening elsewhere in the world also happened in the EU, one of the more profitable mobile marketplaces.

However, what the EU hasn't done is to impose EU wide member-to-member tariffs. Thus whilst I can take my UK mobile to various countries (eg. EU, US, Oz and New Zealand) and make calls to UK numbers - as if I were at home and thus have these calls included in my unlimited minutes, if I make a call to a non-UK number eg. I'm in NZ and call a NZ number, it will be charged as an international (UK-to-NZ) call. I expect your contract is similar. The next logical step in the EU would be to start treating any call within the EU that states in one member and terminates in another (eg. UK-Fr) as an inclusive minutes call.

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