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Remote control operator?

Not much has been said so far of a remote control operator who can intervene in an emergency.

Is there any legislation, technology, training, test, insurance etc. for a driver who uses remote control?

Should they not have to demonstrate that they can drive safely in all circumstances via remote control before they are given the responsibility of overseeing an AV and intervening swiftly safely and appropriately should the AV encounter a problem?

Really, ffs why?

There are enough problems having a meat sack in the car as a safety override without trying to replicate the immersive experience of sight, sound and feeling that the driver in a car gets, using remote control technology.

You still need one on one mapping between supervisor and the AV and this is just adding another layer of technology and expense.

Unless, of course, some bright spark thinks you can have one remote human to every 20 cars, and the car will be trusted to ask for help then wait for the call centre to have an operative come free.

Highly trained local drivers from Mumbai will be able to add value and simultaneously drive costs down, of course.

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