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The benefit of being forced to accept a customer's licencing terms

One place I know of supplies software and had the chance to get their system in to VeryBigCo, with the only issue being they refused to accept the license that was on offer. So, they sent their own "standard" license with a "use it or lose it" letter. The document was big, very big, but the supplier was small in those days with no funds for a proper review. The potential sale was also very big and would fund future development costs for years.

The contract was signed, money received and all was well... until the unexpected cheque for £lots arrived some years later.

"What's this?" the accounts manager said. "Strange, as they paid on delivery years back".

Someone decided to get the license agreement out, dusted it off and started to read. Page 127, clause 29.3.11 indicated that further license payments were due if the software was moved on to more powerful hardware. Roll on Moore's Law!

The company received may other additional payments over years before the customer asked to renegotiate the license :-)

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