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The democracy thing is funny. People voted to leave, yes, and that's fine. They almost certainly didn't vote for what's actually going to happen though, because very obviously no-one (not the leave voters, not the remain voters, not he politicians: no-one) had a clue about what that was going to be in 2016: they really have no idea now so they can't have known then. So it might seem reasonable, at the point where what 'leave the EU' means something definite, to ask people if that is what they want, right? But bo, that would be 'antidemocratic': democracy, apparently, does not involve getting people to vote on things unless those things are so nebulous as to be meaningless, especially if they might vote the wrong way.

And it gets better than this. The demography of the original leave vote means that if no-one had changed their minds since 2016 then the majority for leave went away sometime in January this year. (This assumes that people who have entered the electorate since 2016 vote statistically the same way as people that age did in 2016.) So what's going to happen is going to happen because dead people voted for it, and in particular because dead people voted for something no-one understood. But asking the living, who will be affected by this thing more than dead people will, once we know what it is, whether they want it or not would not be democratic.

This is, in fact, a democracy of zombies.

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