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We're fed up of the EU forcing the Tories to impose austerity on us!

Not true at all. Everything that is shit in Britain was caused by Parliament! That they are blaming the EU for it, is just because finger-pointing was always the safe-space of the incompetents and cowards.

Every speck of Neoliberalism* (and NPM) in the EU, was spawned in the UK starting with Margaret Thatcher. The UK has quite consistently, across several governments, sabotaged every attempt there ever was of the EU acquiring a "social dimension". "Markets Only (and damn everything else)" was always the official UK position.

From my side of the water It's the bloody Tories trying to force more austerity (and more stupidity) onto the EU, except this time they overreached and fell on their stupid faces right in their own mess and they are still thrashing around!

*) Ordoliberalism, OTOH, there you might have a point.

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