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I must be way out there

Great banter in the comments here - I almost fell off my chair.

We try to make cost effective use of modern technology and methods.

Last month I finally managed to remove all traces of M$ dependency from our IT estate- except a natty SQL Server I use for prototyping nibbles of code for clients.

Anyone else had much joy with onlyoffice? - I got community edition running using a freenas appliance , using a bhyve VM and ubuntu with MAMP stack, integrated with a nextcloud installation running in a jail on Freenas - - Sound complex? maybe to install - but works pretty well once in. SSL is still a bind - but so it should be -

Some features of onlyoffice are interesting - such as lack of ISO Date formatting in spreadsheets - but then you realise you can configure the cell as a text data type etc - - but for a quick get up and go browser based office suite it is pretty good

(we switched to Chronos for user devices - cheaper and easier to maintain than some)

Having the might of M$ for scale and security is more a a piece of mind. With skills and research, the lesser known kit is flexible and importantly - controllable - once installed - it is possible to close the door on the never ending upgrade path. And minmised downtime.

Right - strong coffee for next chapter - may throwing a 3-D ball for that 3-D dog

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