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“Which ignores certain realities. Like the UK doesn't use oil for electricity generation, and oil prices fell below $100 and have remained there. The reason why electricity prices rise is thanks to the EU (and UK)'s love of 'renewables'. But the Bbc loves 'renewables', and dislikes the reality.”

The UK is however heavily dependent on gas for both electricity and heating, and the cost of gas is affected by the cost of oil (largely historic due to oil being the focus and gas being a byproduct but now beginning to move independently with producers providing gas-only products due to shale etc). While renewables maybe part of the issue, I believe most operational renewable sites are cost effective outside extreme weather events unless there’s some subsidies I’m not aware of as a lot were mothballed/closed/had significant alterations to make them profitable after the initial subsidy-driven madness.

Gas is rising because old European gas fields are closing fast and large parts of Europe are trying to pretend they aren’t completely reliant on Russian gas yet. While the UK relies on Norwegian and Scottish gas, both are rising because of significant European demand and the availability of interconnects to Europe.

The real comedy was the BBC explaining how the price cap caps the price you may pay unless the cost goes up, and then they have to increase the price cap.

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