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“Management aren't P.Narrans, they aren't even H.Sapiens - they're more along the lines of somewhere between australopithecus afarensis and Wally from Dilbert.”

Wally could never be management. His goal is to look out for himself by doing nothing as ultimately, doing things results in unwanted consequences. Management looks out for itself by collecting money and “credit” for distributing blame and work to others.

Dilberts boss (as collective middle management) and CEO (as a respresentation of the board rather than the individual) cover large companies remarkably accurately. Having said that, getting individuals and teams to focus on tasks that match a companies goals or even identifying a companies goals can be challenging - doing so while being politically correct, meeting the companies social and financial goals, avoiding alcoholism/drug addiction, achieving a work/life balance and not being a serial killer in your spare time is, I believe, impossible, so pick the trait you are most comfortable with being exposed for. can have grumpy, bitter and twisted too...

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