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“No, that was already done at the time each came into being. The UK (all EU countries) implement EU directives immediately as local law, subject to EU law. Part of the requirements of EU membership.”

And in the event of Brexit, EU laws for UK companies operating in the UK will not apply. Hence the need for a way of untangling the relevant laws via statutory instruments. For mobile roaming, it states some of the regulations remain untouched (transparency and having to advise users when they hit certain limits) but moves authority for applying the regulations to OFCOM.

“One point: the UK was almost the only EU country to actually do this honestly and correctly. Much of what remainers tout as the obvious superiority of EU countries' various services/freedoms/etc. is actually due to them _breaching_ their EU requirements. Worse, the UK's virtue-display merchants often over-egged their local legislation, making it even stricter than the actual EU requirements ; that process was so bad it even got a standard media label: "gold-plating" the EU Reqts.”

I wholeheartedly agree - much of what is called “taking back control” was not taking control away from the EU but instead taking the excuses offered by UK politicians/civil servants for not making changes away. I’m not sure that even with control, there will be real change because the things that were done were in the interests of the UK politicians, but I guess a British judge will be “fairer” than some foreign judge who probably only speaks English as a fourth or fifth language.... (cue the downvotes from Remainers who consider sarcasm racism and Brexiteers who consider sarcasm an attack on fine, upstanding British judges)

Unless the politicians acknowledge their part in the path to this, I’m not sure whether leaving the EU will be the end of the discontent with the political classes. I think voters want responsibility and all too often UK politicians over the last ~50 years pointed to the EU and said “it’s their fault”. And now many of those same politicians are wondering why things turned out the way they did while avoiding looking in the mirror.

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