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The last Word version I used was 1.1b, which we used to call "winword" because "MS Word" meant the character-based DOS application. It was one of the few things I actually used Windows 3.0 to do, since everyone knew that real work was done in DOS.

I found that it did all that I needed a word processor to do, which wasn't a whole lot. Well, printing a ten page document in less than 45 minutes would have been nice, but I suspect that had more to do with the hardware available at the time. I remember waiting anxiously as the dot matrix printer slowly ground out the pages I needed for the uni assignment that was due shortly, having waited 'til the last minute to print.

How do you keep people buying the same thing over and over when the old one still works? Always the question, with all sorts of answers, none of which benefit the consumer.

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