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> Many of us knew that £350m quid a week was a bullshit number.

Correct, it's only £163m/week that's "new" money no longer simply handed over. £8.5bn/yr subsidy to/of the EU.

But it IS ~£350m/week total which the UK regains control over. The extra is the ~£9bn handed over to the EU for the EU to decide where they applied it in the UK as subsidies. As to how _useful_ that application was, well, just pop up to Glasgow and observe with awe the half-built completely-supernumerary bridges and so on, abandoned when the gravy train switched to the next Shiny Thing. Quite surreal seeing a bridge just stop, halfway across a river. Etc.etc.

I'm Australian. Don't have a dog in the fight. But I have to say, in my 20yrs in the EU & UK, I was unable to find ANY material benefit to the UK from the EU (as opposed to the EEC, which IS useful), but I DID find many many profound negatives.

Thank your lucky stars Soros crashed you out of any chance of being part of the Euro... (give you an idea of HOW toxic the EU is : they deliberately structured the Euro agreement such that there is NO exit possible.)

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