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The best solution is not AVs or smart cities, it is simply relocating business districts closer to where people live rather than in city centres dedicated to commerce and business

This has long been the case in places like Detroit, where the urban center became unappealing. The problem is that instead of an inward-outward flow that can be served by public transit, you end up with people commuting from suburb to suburb, without enough people going in the same direction at the same time for public transit to be viable. And the traffic is still terrible because the road networks weren't usually designed with suburb-to-suburb commutes in mind.

Part of the problem is people don't necessarily pick where they live strictly based on commute distance. Usually they pick somewhere because the schools are good, or prices are low, or they like the neighborhood. They don't pick up and move every time they switch jobs or their employer decides to change offices. The old company town scenario where Bob's Widget Works locates in Outer Slowsville and then everyone who works for Bob builds a house in Outer Slowsville just doesn't happen anymore.

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