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I don't know if any of them will jump tbh....first one to do will then face a barrage of negative advertising from the rest : example: Going on holiday? with Vodaphone it could cost you hundreds but with O2/EE/3/TescoMobile etc its all included in your bill. Now isn't that helpful?

My bet is on EE, given they are owned by BT and when does BT miss out on a chance to gouge folk? Heck they are still charging various old dears >£10 a month to rent a phone that costs <£30 to buy, some under the impression they have to rent a phone as part of the contract. My mum was dead set they would cut her off (and she's not even an old dear) if she didn't rent a phone or they would take an age to do any repairs, I spoke to my old man, he said cancel it, phoned BT, asked where to send the phone back, guy said "It was obsolete ten years ago, just bin it, we don't want it back" Kept using it for a good few more years after that.

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