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Be interesting to see whether Fox or Gove win the argument over food safety, for once I hope Gove does, though Fox's dept have quietly acquired the power to alter regulations on various things without parliamentary oversight to facilitate "dealmaking"

Fox is about a good a "dealmaker" as Drumpf is....i.e. not, his get out will be "I said up to 40" the weasel words being "up to" and the total number being naught or maybe negative.....

Says something about the Tory Party when their best candidate has said she isn't interested, she being Ruth Davidson and best being a relative thing, her manifesto in the last x campaigns having been "Vote Ruth Davidson" with Scottish Conservative and Unionist in small type, when challenged she also struggles to articulate any policy positions that aren't "the SNP are ruining the country", when asked what they would differently....she blusters.

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