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Perhaps you could enlighten the commentariat by telling us which of those four names you offered was either Prime Minister (Churchill) of the United Kingdom, or King of England (Henry VIII), as were the two names mentioned in the post(s) that you were so cravenly responding to.

Well, if you like history, there's been a lot of that around Europe.. Hence a long and noble tradition of invading France. Monarchies are so much more reliable. One butt to kick, or occasionally treat to a red hot poker.

some cringing, snivelling, pants pissing, anonymous coward will make a fuckwitted reference to either Napoleon or Hitler, comparing them to the European Union.

Not me guv. I'll raise you a Verhofstadt. A chap who's lead an.. interesting career in one of the smaller bits of Europe. Most famous achievement was probably an inability to form a government, and after Belgians realised they could manage pretty well without one, finally gave Verhofstadt the boot. So he found his way into the natural home of slightly used politicians, the EU. But given his performance in dividing Belgian politics, his comments about UK hell were a little hipocritical.

But I'll also throw in an Italian Communist, Altiero Spinelli. One of the founding fathers of the EU, and Verhofstadt's a big fan.. Which is the other little division in the EU. The Spinelli Group and Verhofstadt are staunch federalists, that old 'ever closer political union' which during Project Fear wasn't meant to mean a Federal EU. So dear'ol Guy was probably never keen on keeping the UK in the Union given we, and other conservative states opposed the idea of a Federal Superstate.

But such is politics.

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