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"The best solution is not AVs or smart cities, it is simply relocating business districts closer to where people live rather than in city centres dedicated to commerce and business, and a dramatic increase in the use and effectiveness of remote working solutions."

To some extent, I agree. But my start-of-day travel, depending on where I'm going, is along or across one of the "corridors" between Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. There is a large amount of traffic going in each direction because people live in or near one city and work in another. I'm not sure what can be done about that. It may help some if the business are on the outskirts, but that means re-jigging public transport. The vast majority of bus routes are designed around outer to inner. If you live in one part of outer and need to get to another part of outer, then you will often find the only option is one bus to inner and another to the other outer.

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