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@ AC

"As did Hadrian, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, and quite a few in-between. It never worked."

Perhaps you could enlighten the commentariat by telling us which of those four names you offered was either Prime Minister (Churchill) of the United Kingdom, or King of England (Henry VIII), as were the two names mentioned in the post(s) that you were so cravenly responding to.

And why limit yourself to just the four names? Surely there are more, aren't there? What about Ghengis Khan, no love for him? Attila? Tamerlane? Suleiman the Magnificent? The list of candidates seems very much longer than your pitiful effort.

Do you know what is predictable? This...

In every thread that even remotely has to do with Brexit, whatever the actual subject under discussion, some cringing, snivelling, pants pissing, anonymous coward will make a fuckwitted reference to either Napoleon or Hitler, comparing them to the European Union.

That's predictable

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