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"The NI issue is a red herring. The UK government and people of Ireland don't want a hard border, the EU do. So, let the EU require Eire to institute a hard border with Northern Ireland, but the UK and Northern Irish government don't need to implement any such arrangements. It would be a one-way border control system. If the armed thugs choose to attack it, it won't be Northern Irish officials in the firing line."

Congratulations, with one paragraph you have demonstrated that your opinion is worthless.

It's the WTO that requires the hard border. Unless we are in a FTA with the EU, we need to set up customs. If we don't, we are legally barred from stopping ANY COUNTRY ON EARTH sending us whatever they want, duty and inspection free. That's how the WTO MFN clause works. You have never heard about it, but that's because you don't actually deal in real things.

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