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Instead of spending two years bickering and fighting like a bunch of school kids perhaps they could have ... I don't know .... done some fucking work for once !

It seems a little unfair to blame MPs when May and her devious government have not allowed parliament much say at all on how brexit will be. She keeps running the clock down and keeping them at bay from having any say or influence at all.

Latest reports are that she will be delaying the next vote on the deal no one wants until the end of February. Another ploy to ensure MPs have little choice but to accept the deal she wants or face a no deal brexit.

As for what this supposed compromise MPs should have been able to come up with, which would satisfy the two polarised sides of the issue, would be; I have no idea. It seems to be another imaginary magical solution carved out of unicorn shit and wrapped in rainbows.

Mine's the one with the "we're fucked" note in the pocket.

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