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Don't include me in 'people'.

Many of us knew reasonably well that 45 years of connection to Europe could not be easily undone.

Many of us knew how much more difficult trade and travel were prior to joining.

Many of us knew that £350m quid a week was a bullshit number.

Many of us knew that the poorest areas gained most of the benefit.

Many of us knew that immigrants are a net benefit to a society and have shown it to be so time and time again.

Some even knew that Churchill himself believed that a 'United States of Europe' was the future ideal to prevent future catastrophic wars on this continent.

People who voted leave without the minimal knowledge described above were truly led by donkeys (apologies to donkeys everywhere - they are very hard working and nice animals).

What I do know is that the amount of people misled and wish they had known easily exceeds 2% and, regardless of those who now want to leave when they voted remain (because they are tired or believe the EU is 'bullying' us) are doing so not because of extra knowledge but mostly spite.

The cries of FUD every time a story occurs detailing the problems we have remind me uncomfortably of the climate change debate... "Look, it's cold, where is your Global Warming now".

Firstly, we have spent inordinate time and treasure on this already so there is already a loss, it cannot be recovered unless there is a requisite *extra* gain that comes later and covers *all* that was lost and adds as time goes on, possible but unlikely indeed.

We are taking an extreme risk for no visible benefit - the laughable 'benefit' of sovereignty suggest that a given voter has a 'voice' - most people's votes are meaningless because they are thrown away by the First Past The Post system - I know, I lived in John Major's constituency so my vote has never counted.

The loss of sovereignty for the greater good has always been a benefit, England no longer has wars with Scotland (honestly, we don't).

Isolationism is a poor mechanism for self-improvement - it should be obvious since that dolt Trump believes in it, and he heads a stupidly rich country which could stand alone, unlike us.

And that is notwithstanding the fact that our membership also helps those (financially) less fortunate than ourselves - even if we made a net gain (which we will not - it is far, far from a zero sum game), we should consider the help that we give others via the EU - more easily accomplished that us doing it alone.

And, shame on our MPs - especially the Labour Party, for not biting the bullet, telling the truth, and saying that the referendum was advisory and they will use the result to pressure the EU for changes to reflect some peoples' unhappiness and stay in the club to help make improvements.

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