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Thank you Jemma - you almost read my mind.

I often travel into other parts of Europe and it amazes me how efficient/clean and well organised they seem to be - well at least on the surface to a non resident. And yet we have had the gutter trash of the media blaming Europe for all that is wrong in Britain for the past 40 years. Said trash managed to convince enough of the population to vote brexit under some guise that taking back control will make things geart again. Giving control to the muppets in Westminster? Amber hastag Rudd and Diane 2+2=5 Abbott? Please save me........

Your example of the A12 and A14 is wonderful. I often travel from North East netherland (Groningen/Leeuwarden) and the roads there are straight, smooth, well maintained and a pleasure to drive. Around Amsterdam-Rotterdam they are busy and congested, but still smooth and maintained. Then you cross into Harwich and drive the A12 to the M25.... I used to wonder why I could hear lots of strange noises on my car when driving in Holland, then realised it is because the roads are so smooth and quiet I start to hear the squeaks and rattles the car always makes. Once back on the A12 there are so many crashes, bangs and thumps from the suspension as the car shakes and veers from one pothole and badly patched up strip to another, that it drowns out all the other noises.

Many other Europeans laugh at us - yes, they like our histrory and culture, but despair at the small minded inm-breds we have become.

I really do despair for what this country has become during my lifetime and the direction it is heading....

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