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I bet you don't either. To explain. The roads are "maintained" partly by the highways agency and partly by local authorities. The highways agency and the local authorities get their funding from whatever bunch of dribbling retards are on the thieve at the time from taxes paid by business and private citizens (unless of course they're American corporations or Japanese car companies).

People are going to be out of jobs because Brexit - any company that wants out will blame Brexit and disappear so fast the only things left behind will be skidmarks and an unpaid tax bill. It doesn't matter if Brexit is the cause - it'll be the excuse.

Since most corporations pay the exact minimum in tax and inbredistanis just ignore everyone anyway when it comes to tax, the future of humanity, and basic human rights, what do you think will happen to the available funds from taxation? Yes, clever Inbredistani, they'll go down faster than a Clinton intern. No jobs, no wage, no wagee, no payee taxee - no taxes, no money for roads or anything else.

I'm giving it about three weeks after that until the potholes actually join up and we disappear into the sea like a 6th rate chav infested Atlantis. Hopefully in the last weeks the potholes will gain a sentience and a sense of irony and express a preference for those driving second hand BMW/Audi and those execrable electric cars. I did think about issuing an "I support Brexit" Christian fish type car sticker - but a chrome plated depiction of Rodney Trotter being nailed up the ass by a Charolais bull would probably offend* (PETA) even if it is perfectly apt.

* Not, you understand, because they find the image of a lanky twerp being nailed up the ass by an animal, sans lube, offensive. Heavens no. It's because the Charolais Bull is white, and that's racist (I'm sure someone will suggest painting it orange - good luck with that)**

** See PETA and milk - I wish I was kidding - gives "snowflake" a whole new meaning.

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