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All that is required is for the contents of Parliament to develop the collective political will to get beaten like a Chipperfield monkey.

There I fixed it for you.

Brexit is the political equivalent of a 1100cc Allegro - miserable, pointless, underdeveloped and bought by just the sort of cretin spawned from the sort of cretin who'd formerly Buy British on a Monday and play "whack-a-black" on a Saturday night circa 1982.

I've been to Ipswich hospital today - A12 and A14 and the roads were a bumpy unpleasant mess even in a Merc and the whole trip was carpeted in rubbish hanging from trees and stuffed down rabbit holes. How the hell do people think Brexit is going to improve matters. Between here and Russia the ONLY piece of road as bad as the A12 is the two miles either side of the Russian border - not because they don't want to fix it up, simply because there's not enough room between the traffic for an anorexic centipede, let alone a resurfacing/rebuild crew - they were as of last year building a WHOLE TEMPORARY ROAD just so they could do up a 4 mile section. Our local council can't even afford to put a roundabout in that they've known they'll need for 20 years.

England is a fucking embarrassment, Wales isn't much better - we've got more potholes than the centre of Dresden circa 1945 - the public transport system imploded when Leyland Nationals still wheezed the earth and the NHS would be on its last legs but it got funding diabetes and someone chopped them off (with a rusty chainsaw). And this is BEFORE Brexit happens.

That's not even to start on every company that'll be using Brexit as an excuse to run for the hills (have eyes, and air-cooled teeth*) even if it's got nothing to do with it. So there go the jobs.

It be like Ashes to Ashes without the humour or anything more memorable on the road than a bloody Vauxhall Za-fryer or C*ntryman. Audi Quattro Turbo - can't be having one of those sir, the pollution dontchaknow (despite the inconvenient fact that even using a Model T Ford would be better for the environment than the collective pollution of building all its replacements over the years you greenpeacetard cretins).

There is, according to US military research a 16-18% retard ratio in the human population - up to 18% of a given population can't be trained to point a rifle in the correct direction and use it. Yet we have given these people a Brexit vote... I'll let you do the math..

Oh... Right.. Sorry.

If you ever wondered by the way why the Conservative party get in most often - you can thank the retard ratio.

*Only in North Wales.

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