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Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign


Listen up, Microsoft: I get that you notice, and fear, that users are abandoning Office. But squeezing will not keep them in! You cannot push people into a service, much less a subscription service. You can only lure. What you are doing is not luring me, though. Word, the only product I care about, is shit compared to others out there, and your advertised tools are laughable. If you want to lure me back, give me something I want or need! You can't, because you do not (want not) understand what I need or want. You continue to willfully ignore my needs. So no Office for me. No subscription, no money, and no data for you (other cloud services take my data only if I do not pay. If I pay, they do not take my data).

That's ANY Office. 365 and 2019. The only reason some people chose 2019 over 365 is because they need to exchange files in Office formats only occasionally. Once the entities forcing this will realize that they are better served not with Office file formats, you will loose.

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