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The fact that ultra bright LEDs and the even more ridiculous strobing of those lights that are available have reached the point that the are dangerous. This is not just for drivers, but pedestrians and other cyclists. These idiots then compound the problem by having them pointing horizontal so that from half a mile away you are already dazzled. Many of the lights have warnings about not looking directly at them however this advise only applies to the moron who is using it. I cycle, I have a good front light that is point downwards at the road (in the dark that is actually where it is needed). It is bright but it also has the option to dim it.

Add to that that many new cars are festooned with LEDs now, all far too bright (only headlights "should not dazzle oncoming traffic") this is becoming a real problem. The manufactures claim that it is for safety, that is bollocks, this is just one-upmanship in the endless specification wars.

Bright lights (headlights or DRL) are a menace, particularly as the average height with all the "SUV style vehicles" now puts them 3' off the ground to start with.

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