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You won't make money when you have to give the source code away. Those who tried, tried to sell support and most of them failed.

Only a handful of projects under Linux make money, and only because they reuse code written by people backed by huge companies. Not surprisingly, some smaller projects are changing their licenses lately because big cloud providers get their code and resell services without paying a dime.

You can sell non GPL products, but you have to ensure you don't link and use anything under GPL. Which could be a big effort, if you have to replace many libraries.

Linux offer a business model which can't work for desktop commercial software, there's no way to make money, so nobody is interested in investing without any chance of a return.

Many enterprises run far more than an OS and an office suite. That's why Linux can't be a replacement until more software is ported, but GPL is a big roadblock.

Apple too is not so stupid, and built macOS using pieces from BSD where the license is not so limiting, and developers can be busy writing code, not checking licenses.

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