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Gudieve Ning

AV's don't work and never will with current tech

(Am a software engineer.)

Got a 2018 Nissan Leaf with ProPilot, not much different than Teslas features really. It can follow other cars, and does so very very well. It also avoids collisions, first alerting the driver with beeps and vibrations and then using the brakes automatically. However, the self steering is very unreliable to the point of being dangerous. For example, the vehicle will be driving along a motorway, and it will then disengage, causing the car to swerve towards either the lane to the side, or central reservation. Worse, it will disengage without reason when going around a curve, so the vehicle will literally, keep going straight. Of course, in all cases, I have my hands on the wheel, but then, what's the point?

There are multiple social, technical and geospatial reasons for the issues with AV. Would require a white paper to discuss!

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