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Another vote for Keepass

My employer insisted we use it - 1 keepass per customer, only teams working with that customer even have access to the file.

I use it at home too - Linux, Windows and 'droid versions. Same method applies though, sites for me are in one file, sites to share (eg utilities, joint accounts) are in another. The only 'droid device with it on is a tablet that never leaves the house, just to be sure.

Like single signon, it does mean all your eggs are in one very tasty basket, but at least this way I can maintain random passwords for each account. And yes, the keepass file is backed up offline, and not even kept in the house in case something really entertaining happens with the kids chemistry set.

The only other option is the little black book [with my poems in] but you can't copy/paste and if you lose it you're seriously screwed.

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