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Regardless of the ridiculous politics and bungs and back-slapping, I simply cannot see AV working any time soon - at least not in a real sense.

The whole notion seems to rely on "AI" ignoring the fact that despite all the recent noise about it, is still many years off being "intelligent" and in 99% of cases is not 'I' at all; it's just "normal" software. The basic problem of navigating around the streets, avoiding an infinite list of random hazards and sensibly handling an infinite number of situations is difficult enough for a human driver. There is no way the current art of computer software can do likewise; just getting computer vision to make sense of stuff is a herculean task in itself. And that's before you try and do anything with the information. Throw in some snow that obliterates what you're looking at, some random guy that decides it's a good idea to do a dodgy U-turn at a moment's notice and a crowd of people racing across a zebra crossing and wandering in 6 different directions and the problem starts approaching unsolvable.

Given the computing power of something like Google or Amazon, you can probably brute-force your way through some of the problems. But that kind of power won't fit in the dashboard of a car, and won't solve all the issues even if it did.

I'm not saying it will NEVER be solved. But I may not be around when it is

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