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Google: All your leaked passwords are belong to us – here's a Chrome extension to find them


One to rule them all?

From being a corporately captured and managed asset to becoming a digital input is not so big a jump. Doublethink is actually simpler and life outside gridlock is a lie.

I first saw the PR in Trusted Reviews. It great how we can tell everyone what we are so they can simply be serviced. There was nothing in that article that hinted at being captured. At least the Register allows some indication of the underlying nature of 'trusting' Google with all your passwords - albeit without alarm, outrage, warning or protest.

It isn't that privacy is possible - so much as proportionate checks and balances against acquiring undue and overwhelming influence.

It would seem that there is great willingness to get in the nice man's car because he gives away sweeties.

I remember the Internet - before A.I took over...

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