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Not cool, man: Dixons spanked over discount on luxury 'smart' fridge with wildly fluctuating price

Graeme Carstairs

Or the Sports Direct method, apart from Nike, Adidas Mr Ashleys busineesses oqn or havs controliong stake in nearly all the brands they sell, so when they have a pair of Hiking Boots from one of their "Brands" (usually a big name well know, but now owned by SD) they can show them as MSRP £99, Our price £20.

Now you think your getting a bargain £99 pound pair of boots for £20 but what your getting is a something that the brand in its heyday (at current prices) wouldnt sully itself with selling, or would charge maybe a tennr for.

But as it is not a Sale, its not covered by thouse rules.

See Karrimor, Everlast, Slazenger, Dunlop, Airwalk and others.

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