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Trade Descriptions Act

Is is still the above that controls this sort of advertising?

i.e. To describe something as a discount the item must have been for sale at original selling price for x days within the last x months

Problem I always saw was that it didn't define the number of stores the original price had been charged at.

To my mind it should be the majority of a retailers stores to count. e.g. If they have 100 stores then it had to have been possible to buy it for original price at 51 stores or they can't call it a discount.

I also loved all the 'half-price' offers on toiletry packs etc. at Christmas. Last time any of those had been properly available was the previous Christmas where surprise, surprise they were also half-price. So when and where did they get offered at full price?

My local Tesco always seems to be one of the stores they use to set the 'was' price. e.g. Price of product X was £3, goes up to £4 for a couple of weeks. Price at Tesco down the road the price never changes but suddenly after 2 weeks the £3 is a 'reduced' price. In both stores.

The rules on this sort of stuff really need to be tightened up and given massive sharks teeth. Make the directors personally responsible for false advertising.

And if company has say 3 ASA complaints upheld in a year then all their new adverts for the next 2 years either have to be pre-vetted or they have to explicitly say they've had complaints upheld in the previous period on every advert they produce. One is a rubber mallet, the other is a sledgehammer. I wonder which one the firms would prefer.

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