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One problem that Microsoft keeps having, not just under SatNad - doesn't my car have one of those, oh, wait, sorry - is that they release a product in the US market, it has moderate success there, it then gets compared to world-wide sales of competitors, is declared a failure and cancelled before users overseas get a chance to get their hands on it - although a couple of times stuff did reach the UK.

For example, the Zune, the touch version wasn't bad, but never made it outside the USA and was compared to iPod sales and canned, even though there were many people showing interest overseas.

The Band, same story, launched in the USA, people overseas wanted one, but it was only ever sold in the USA, Canada and UK.

Cortana? Hardware not available in many countries. Android and iOS versions still not available in countries where the Windows version is available (the excuse is that the backend server infrastructure is not there to support Android and iOS - why do they need a different infrastructure to the Windows version?!?!).

If Microsoft made its products generally available, they might be surprised at how well they could sell. But always limiting it to an audience that has always been more critical of Microsoft in the consumer market and then claiming everything is a failure seems like MS wants the products to fail... :-S

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