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Congrats, Satya Nadella. In just five years, you've turned Microsoft from Neutral Evil to, er, merely True Neutral

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Slurp has gotten more evil if you are an ordinary user with Spyware-as-a-Service and the rush towards subscriptions instead of standalone products. For enterprise users, Slurp might have gotten nicer as most of the efforts are in areas that enterprises care about and they do not mind subscriptions as much. So depending on where you sit, Slurp is the epitome of evil still and has gotten worse or they are listening to their customers.

Slurp has a strong disinterest in the consumer market and is retaining its share mostly by inertia and the perception there are no reasonable, viable options by consumers. Once the bubble bursts, the consumer market will be toast and Slurp will end up being an enterprise only vendor. The risk for them is not now but future as many who leave will never come back and many will never become a customer.

SadNad has a vision of Slurp being an enterprise vendor and screw the little guy. However there a lot of little guys out there. And I have personally seen retailers like Best Buy and Wally World hocking Chromebooks to the masses. They must be selling reasonably well given the shelf space they are given; about the same as for a Bloat box. Also, Best Buy is hocking Macs with the same display area as Bloat. A few years ago you could not find an alternative OS in Wally World and a small Mac section Best Buy

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