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The 2011 London Riots

The 2011 London Riots would arguably have been a good opportunity to study human behaviour without taking participants' ethnicity into consideration (Wikipedia quotes those arrested as 29% white and 39% black in London). What was exhibited there was innate reaction to various environmental stimulii, regardless of ethnicity. The number of people in a specified area using certain body language inciting others to act similarly, setting off a chain reaction, even to those drawn in from the periphery.

Another research possibility is studying the effects of ambient temperature on crime statistics. So if the temperature is x in place abc, AI might be able to predict a corresponding percentage increase or decrease in crime in that locality.

To my mind these are areas of "macro criminal behaviour" where I feel AI could be usefully harnessed, rather than micro or person to person interaction where prejudice is more likely to be baked into observations.

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