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let's get a few things straight here

"Predictive Policing" is just new jargon for crime analysis. You analyse what has happened in the past, To figure out what types of crimes may occur in certain areas on certain days and times. You then organise the police in that area to be in those areas, days and times that the crimes are most likely to occur. There are no sophisticated algorithms. Very basic statistics. You find out 40% of the Break, Enter and Steal offences occur on a Saturday night between 8pm and 3am, in a certain area, you make sure the police on patrol are in that area during that time frame.

You couple this with "Community Policing". Remember the "ole days when you would see the same police officer(s) occasionally, or regularly, walking around your local area. They would know who lived in the area. If you were good they would greet you with a smile and maybe a quick chat on how you were doing. If you occasionally got into trouble. you would still get the greeting but it was followed with a warning. If you were a shitbag that didn't care about the law or the trouble you caused in the local area. They would stop you,,find out who you were with, where you were, where you are going and what you were doing. This was shared among the other officers in the local area and was built up over time. Apparently known as "Individual Risk Assessments" now days.

Combine these two and it is the most effective tactic for reducing crime in a given area. No amount of predictive modelling will ever trump it.

After 10 years in the police , on the street, as a detective and later as a crime analyst. I can personally attest, that the people who shout the loudest about the thuggery of police. Even the mere presence of them in their area or street are always the ones who cry the loudest. Demand the most immediate and brutal punishments. Blame the Police for the lack of foresight, skill or lack of action when a crime is committed against them. The hypocrisy is completely lost on them.

Here endeth my rant for the day

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