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Grumble Pai: FCC boss told by House Dems to try the novel concept of putting US folks first, big biz second


'"It’s Oversight Time" – the congressman announced he would reintroduce a bill [PDF] that would direct the FCC to do more about robocalls and given consumers the right to stop calls and require incoming calls to have caller ID before they are routed to their phones.'

These democrats are so out of touch! An example: the other day I received a call. When I answered the call I was surprised because the call I was receiving was from myself. That is correct. It was my own number calling me but when I answered it was a telemarketer with the person speaking in Spanish or one of the similar languages. Now I don't speak Spanish nor understand it except a very few words.

Here is the part that these democrats don't understand. I ask my son who has been a network administrator for nearly 2 decades about how my number could call me when I had my phone with me. Here is what he said. These marketers buy list of numbers for the area they are targeting. The then use that number as a display for the call. He also said that they can make any number appear to be making the call that they want to. It has nothing to do with the phone company, in fact the phone company don't know any thing about what number is being used. Another example: After receiving one of these calls I decided to check it out so I called the number displayed on my phone. I got a "this number is not in service" answer.

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