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Back in the days of living in Blighty, my phoneline went dead, thanks to a engineer dicking around in the local wiring cabinet and, no despite him already being on site and, having caused the problem I still had to wait 3 days. After 3 days of it being down I rang back, the conversation went like this

I'm chasing the status of my repair!

It's fixed.

No it isn't!

How are you talking to me then.

It's called a mobile phone.


So no it isn't fixed, there's no voltage on the line.

What have you done, its forbidden for customers to interfere with BT equipment...........Yap yap yap for a few minutes, you might have caused this issue yourself blah blah blah.

I'm an IT professional, I deal with incoming phone lines as part of my job, I have a line tester (Total BS about having that piece of kit), I'm not interfering with your equipment as your engineer on-site the other day managed to disconnect my house from your equipment and has failed to reconnect it to your equipment, so how do you know it's fixed?

It's in the call notes.

What does it say?

Tested line, fax machine answered.

I haven't got a fax machine, I suspect you patched my phone line to the Young Farmers Club offices at the bottom of my garden.

I'll create a new ticket, it will take 3 days to.....

Shall I go and ring my number in their offices to test my theory, because as you will only give me as a domestic customer a second round of 3 days to complete a second repair for a problem your engineers caused and have failed to rectify, but they are a business customer and get same day service\24 hours, I'm sure they won't be very happy that they aren't receiving their faxes or calls and I seriously suggest you expedite that as my next call will be to the local cable company to get a new line put in as they just dug up the pavement outside my house and, are offering some very nice incentives to dump you.......

I'll see what I can do.

Less than 30 mins later the phone gave a little a ding from the handset, connectivity was restored at least for me, not sure about the YFC.

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