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@Rich 11

"So you're quite happy for anyone who can make it to Ireland to wander across the border and start a new life for themselves in the UK?"

Hang on is that what is currently happening! OMG the EU do need to go get shafted then dont they! But more seriously the Irish of either side dont seem to want a border so who cares? The answer to that question is the EU who want to make a border.

You cant have it both ways. No border cant be both what you want and not what you want.

"I mean, once we've got all these wonderful new free trade deals we've been promised with the rest of the world, the streets will be paved with gold and the UK will become much more attractive to illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers than the failin' EUSSR."

You are realising the failure of the EU? You are noticing migrants in France just waiting to get here instead of staying in the lovely EU they practically walk through to get here!

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