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Any government worth its salt wouldn't have triggered Art. 50 until it had decided what country it wanted to be in ten year's time and gotten three quarters of the country behind that vision. Even Nigel Farage called Art 50 a trap that would lead to a vassal state, and that was years before the word Brexit was invented. That was a major strategic blunder.

It took the UK Government 22 months to present the EU27 with their first proposal. And that proposal, "Chequers", was disliked by a large part of the population within a day. By playing their cards close to their chest the Government never showed their workings. They didn't show the people the touch choices, the options that were discussed but found inadequate, the downsides to certain options, the impact reports.

And now, with just weeks to go on the clock, we are still debating options that should have been debated and discarded as too damaging a year ago.

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