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Swiss Public Prosecutor will probe WIPO's misconduct allegations against CIO, says his legal counsel

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Actually its more like this: based on an allegation that Mr Lei apparently stole a colleagues bank card and withdrew money from it, although neither the police nor the bank have even been asked if a bank card was ever used at the supposed time or was reported stolen, and that the person whose card was used, has left the organisation, fled to china, and disappeared from contact (considering China's surveillance state, i find that one of the more astounding claims), then lei has been suspended and investigated. Whilst Gurry who was found (not suspected, but proven) to have used undue influenced and broke the organisations procurement rules is free to go about his duties.

Lets hope the Swiss, can give the WIPO a good kicking, no-one else seems to be able to.

By the way, what is it with IPO organisation that attracts such scum bags to the top? Gurry and Batastelli must be two peas in a pod...

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