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Used to be if you had a WD drive it would take two to six months for it to fail. Bought one a couple months ago, it was already dead fresh out of the box.

I got a drive for a friend in a boxing day sale. They didn't have the Seagate he was after so after MUCH discussion I got him a WD for the same price. He was desperate, and though I had misgivings I got the drive (it was a good special).

This thread reminded me and I rang him to check. Such language!

Oh, the drive has been returned, he got a replacement but also tresspassed from the store. Apparently he made some offers about where to place the old drive that the manager didn't quite fancy partaking in. Thankfully I suggested we don't trust it and give it movie machine duty instead of main file store duty. Thankfully more so that he listened.

Not dead out of the box, but it didn't last a month. At least WD are consistent!

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