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Disk drives suck less than they did a couple of years ago. Which is nice

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I used to see a VERY high failure rate of WD drives for my customers, many already failing before they got them out of the box, literally. One lady had one fail in her laptop so for me to do the data recovery she got one of the middle-[priced ones and brought it straight to me, roughly a 5 minute drive. Opened the shrink-wrapped box, plugged the drive in, no go no spin no nothing. Check the wall-wart, that was fine, tested the USB lead on another device, also fine. Sent her back for another one. Spun up, started transferring data for an overnight transfer, came back to a few megs transferred and an IO error. Two more drives failed before we gave up and went with Seagate - the last WD one lasted a week, but had the 5-6 hour transfer of her data from our recovery disk then was sat on a shelf till she came to collect. When I went to show her the data was there, safe and sound, tic tic tic.. (not tick of death but clicks of badly de-virginised surface).

From what I know her Seagate drive is still fine some 5-6 years later.

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