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Disk drives suck less than they did a couple of years ago. Which is nice

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Those were the only drives since the advent of winchester hard drives that ever had so many fail so quickly that I actually lost data!

I must be a lucky so and so. I've owned no lemons from GM, or from Seagate. Timing must be everything. I've had one seagate 2.5" drive start to vibrate very slightly after 3 years 24/7, and I pulled it offline to use as a cold backup. It's still working, as all the 20 or so IDE drives I recently pulled from machines I should have decommissioned quite a long while ago (pentium 2 class) - they were just sitting in storage till a friend wanted them to recover any gold he could. Checking the drives, they worked, the systems still booted for crying out loud. I pulled some interesting nostalgia off them, and now they're gone, never having failed. All these ran for a couple years in a software development business...

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