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Apple: Trust us, we've patented parts of Swift, and thus chunks of other programming languages, for your own good

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Apologies - slip of the pen but still lazy.

Ironically, I have a European patent. (Subsequently also US and various other jurisdictions too.)

Which brings me to another bugbear.

I worked closely with a London patent lawyer to draft the application. I ended up suggesting rewrites and new sections and creating all the diagrams. (The word "embodiment" makes me wince now.) We emailed and phoned back-and-forth over a month or so while doing this.

The submitted application ended up containing at least 60% of my wording lifted verbatim from my emails. A lot of the rest was boilerplate. We still got charged for him having written the whole thing of course. Because his firm claimed he had expertise in the area - which he clearly did not - this was an especially eye-watering sum. Thankfully my business partner had deep pockets - no way I could have afforded it!

On the other hand, he did find a few existing patents/applications that might have represented prior art that we had missed in our searches but we had to be the ones to decide - correctly, it transpired - that these did not invalidate my innovativions.

But then, I shouldn't have been surprised. A patent lawyer like a management consultant is defined as someone who borrows your watch and then charges to tell you what time it is.

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