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Microsoft delivers a second preview of Visual Studio 2019 (a Redmond thing we actually like)

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Why does the blood run cold when MS gets designery on VS? Could it be because of previous monstrous screwups in that department? I'm prepared to give the latest version I have (2017) credit for correcting most of the mistakes of the past, but why did those mistakes have to happen in the first place? That whole bland, blander, blandest choice of color themes they gave us. The micro-thin borders on window panes that took a steady hand just to grab them to resize the window. Sometimes I wonder if MS uses VS as the elimination game for UX designers before letting them near the Office products. If so, it isn't working out well for anyone, including those poor drones who use Office.

If Microsoft put half the effort into creating decent help docs that they put into making their products look kyewl, we'd all be a lot happier.

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