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Re: Political correctness comments by code junky and bombastic bob

Re: Political correctness comments by code junky and bombastic bob

code junky said (and I think bob was generally referring to):

<<What bothers me is the absolute hatred for the nazi (understandable) but the love for the communist (confounding). The hammer and sickle flag is flown with pride. People wearing tshirts with the face of communists and marxist symbols are available with no uproar. Yet for all the damage inflicted by the nazis it was still less than that socialist mess.

Perpetrators are still hunted for their actions in death camps but no such effort against those who ran gulags. The UK opposition has turned into a parody after their marxist shift. But dont receive the same kind of hatred as someone viewed right wing.>>


Speaking as an educator, I think that one (simplified) explanation to this is that our educational institutions from Kindergarten upwards, are dominated pedagogically, administratively, and ideologically by descendants of Marxism. As a result, the horrors of Communism are brushed aside compared to the blood-boiling hate that is inculcated against the Fascists.

Indeed, the infiltration of our schools and universities could be seen as a central tenet of this particular branch of politics, namely, the dictum by the slogan coined by Rudi Dutschke, a student of the Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci:

"The long march through the institutions",

that is, subverting social institutions such as universities to Marxist positions, not by working against them, but by learning from them and insinuating leftist ideology into institutional policy. It seems to have succeeded, which you might have noticed if you have worked at a school any time since May, 1968.


Interesting factoid – of course, "Long March" is directly derived from Mao's long retreat of the same name that ended in victory and remains a powerful symbol of China's now Fascist ideology.


Dutschke's 1980 posthumous work was entitled,"Mein langer Marsch (My long March)". I am being facetious, but of course, we might notice a parallel here with the work of another extremist who initially used socialism as a cloak, "Mein Kampf (My Struggle), by Adolph Hitler.


Finally, the correspondent here who pointed out that Hitler's evil was magnified because of him targeting ethnic minorities might take time to recall Stalin's relocation of the entire population of certain Soviet, republics such as Chechnya and Kalmyks. To Siberia. Many did not survive the journey, with it being a little chilly at times. Fewer lasted the conditions when they arrived at their new homes with their new jobs. They were repatriated in Khrushchev's time.

We are only talking around 1,000,000 people killed in this particular chapter of Soviet History, but if you claim that the Soviets were less culpable than the Nazi's on ethnic grounds, please consider what a pile of 1,000,000 corpses looks like.

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