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"Another - constantly berate your family and friends for how stupid they are and how little they value your time, [...] and you're there only because you cannot tolerate such worthless idiots accessing the internet without someone much more skilled there to take responsibility for watching over their actions [...] [t]hus guaranteeing you will have few people to worry about!"

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that sounds like a wonderful alternative to just not doing it and letting them decide whether they want the system.

If you think that is the attitude that we have, you are not getting the point of our posts. We are not saying that people lack the responsibility to run technology or use the internet. We are saying that some of them lack the knowledge necessary to maintain a self-run DNS server to block hosts themselves and possess other attributes that make support more difficult. Take my post, where I stated that my parents might easily manage to disable such a system in a way that would make it difficult. This is not because my parents have any specific problems. I greatly respect them, and there are many things they can do very well that I cannot do well at all. Unfortunately, Linux administration is not one of those things.

It is not because they disrespect me or my work that this would be problematic; it is because it is complex and I don't need to spend the large amount of time that I predict support will require. If I lived close to them, where I could quickly come over and repair anything, I would likely set it up if they requested. If I could be assured that there would be no hardware interference, I would also set it up. The reality, however, is that the system would probably be interfered with, and I would either have to spend a much longer time repairing it than it would take if I could do so myself, or the users would have to put up with the system being down for a longer time. That does not provide enough benefits to the user or to me as support for the system in that situation to be worthwhile.

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