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Is your kid looking at GCSE in computer science? It's exam-only from 2022 – Ofqual

Graham 32

That's all the students want. It's just a stepping stone to the next level of education.

Reminds me of my A levels during the time when most teachers were handing out exam papers from previous years to help us learn the sorts of things the exam board liked to test. This wasn't happening in the Computing course so we asked one of our teachers and he wouldn't give us any old papers. Then we asked what we needed to know for the exam, he pointed at the 400-page text book and said "learn everything in that, you'll get an A." So we just asked the other teacher at the next lesson and got what we wanted.

I didn't realise at the time, but even then we were showing a very smart problem solving skill: understand the scope of the problem.

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